Tech-Ed Africa 2010 sessions I’m attending

I’ll be attending the following Tech-Ed Africa 2010 sessions in Durban next week:

Monday, 18 October 2010

  • Understanding the Microsoft Application Server: AppFabric, WF, WCF, and More (APS201)
  • What’s New in Windows Communication Foundation in .NET Framework 4 (APS306)
  • Using the MVVM Design Pattern with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 XAML Designer (DTL323)
  • Code Contracts and Pex: Power Charge Your Assertions and Unit Tests (DTL207)
  • Why functional programming matters – A look at F#, C#, and more (DTL304)
  • Building RESTful Applications with the Open Data Protocol (DTL310)
  • My Favourite Windows Presentation Foundation 4 Features (WCL206)
  • 10 Ways to Protect Users of Your Web Applications (WUX303)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

  • LINQ, take two – realizing the LINQ to Everything dream (DTL414)
  • WCF: The Unified Services Programming Model for SOAP, REST, Data, and RIA Communication (WTB327)
  • Behaviour-Driven Development: Taking Unit Testing to the next level (DPR303)
  • RIA & Rich Client Applications: There is life beyond HTML (WUX311)
  • The Windows API Code Pack: Add Windows 7 Features to Your Application (DTL316)
  • Rx: your prescription to cure asynchronous programming blues (WTB324)
  • Designing and Developing a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Application End-to-End – (part 1 of 2) (WPH202)
  • Designing and Developing a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Application End-to-End – (part 2 of 2) (WPH303)
  • Windows Server AppFabric Caching: What It Is and When You Should Use It (APS309)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

  • Best Practices: Building a Real-World Microsoft Silverlight Line-of-Business Application (WUX407)
  • Task Parallel Library: Design Principles and Best Practices (DTL424)
  • WCF Made Easy with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Windows Server AppFabric (APS310)

Happiness and Sadness

I’m really looking forward to the AppFabric and Windows Phone 7 sessions and am excited about both sets of technologies. I am bitterly disappointed though that the following two Tech-Ed North America 2010 sessions are not being presented given that Udi Dahan is in South Africa this week delivering his Advanced Distributed System Design with SOA & DDD (5 days) course:

  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation (ARC302)
  • High Availability: A Contrarian View (ARC308)

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