Git, GitHub and an open source .NET project – Introduction

I have used the open source enterprise search platform Solr for a number of years now and on a recent project have been using the open source SolrNet .NET client library. The SolrNet library lacked a feature I required when used with the bundled Service Locator implementation. A number of people had been asking for the same feature so I decided to jump in and implement it.

This is my journey into learning Git, using GitHub and contributing to an open source project. I highly recommend the experience – you learn a great deal from reading and contributing to code that is so highly visible.

I have split my journey into the following 5 parts:

2 thoughts on “Git, GitHub and an open source .NET project – Introduction

  1. Great detailed step-by-step guide Paul! I just discovered it and linked it from the SolrNet project page.

    Just a minor nitpick: the link to part 5 in the index is broken, it seems to be missing a dash in the URL.


    1. Sorted out – thought I had actually removed the double dashes when I published the post. Thanks for your comment. Now I just need to rework the code and get the feature re-implemented 🙂

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