Dell XPS 15 (L502X) Wireless Issues – Fixed

I recently bought a new Dell XPS 15 laptop. Dell was having an Easter special (30% discount) so I maxed it out with features (quad-core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and full HD screen). Its a nice laptop and I was hoping that the numerous reviews I’d read regarding issues with its Intel ® Centrino ® Advanced-N 6230 wireless adapter would have been solved. I was wrong.

Slow as Molasses

My Macbook was achieving 30Mb/s downloads via my cable modem but the new Dell was only managing between 1 and 4Mb/s and even then it was patchy. I tried out the main suggested solution which was to configure the wireless adapter settings in the power options in Windows 7. This did not help.

Intel Drivers

I came across a forum suggesting that the Intel drivers rather than those from Dell would solve the problem. I downloaded and installed the Wireless_15.1.1_Ds64.exe file from the Intel Download Centre. It solved the issue and now I am getting 30Mb/s downloads via my Dell.

Update – 8th Oct 2012

You could also re-install your machine with Windows 8! I upgraded to Windows 8 this weekend and have not had to install drivers from either Dell or Intel. My wireless is working perfectly and even some of the minor annoyances I’ve still had to put up with have disappeared.

37 thoughts on “Dell XPS 15 (L502X) Wireless Issues – Fixed

  1. Dude. This just ended like hours of research for me… I just moved into a new place, set up a new cable modem and a new router, and for the life of me, couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my setup… I’m glad I happened upon your post… after I dl’ed the intel drivers, my wifi seems to be working like it should. Thanks!

  2. Your words are my words jletookthis…lol….Dude. This just ended like hours of research for me… I just moved into a new place, set up a new cable modem and a new router, and for the life of me, couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my setup… I’m glad I happened upon your post… after I dl’ed the intel drivers, my wifi seems to be working like it should. Thanks! Hugs from Brazil

  3. you are an absolute lifesaver.

    i was prepared to throw my dell xps l502x at the wall after troubleshooting for months on a hardware failure after a reformat, finally fixing it only to find my network adapter wasnt working.

    you are a pal, a real pal. thanks for the blogpost man, you’ve sure got a new follower here.

  4. I have the dell L502x but the wireless adapter is listed as intel Centrino Wireless N 1030.

    Does the link you provided also work for that or should I search for a specific one?

    Also do I need to uninstall the existing driver in device manager before attempting to install the new one?


  5. I’m having the very same issue, whenever I connect the laptop into my router with an ehternet cable, I get full 10mb…but if I turn the WiFi thing on, I barely get 1mb.

    I’m downloading the driver you suggested and will comment further on to express my feelings about it.
    Thanks, in advance, from Brazil.

  6. Hi, I tried your solution and it totally didn’t work. The application launches without any problem but I can’t do anything else after launching it. I get some error message over and over when i try to share my internet.

  7. I just upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. And while I do have “Intel my wifi” setup as a hotspot, and my smartphone connects to it, internet sharing just refuses to work. On the laptop it shows up as if the Internet is indeed being shared; however on the phone or on my ipad, there is no connectivity. I have absolutely no clue what to look at. This worked like a charm in Windows 7 pro. Getting frustrated trying to figure out what to do.

    Yesterday, I figured my android smartphone music wouldn’t play via bluetooth on Windows 8, again something that worked great on windows 7.

    I am really trying to accept Win8 but each one of these issues is pushing me against it, and towards moving backwards!

    My system:
    – Dell XPS15(i7, 8gb ram, 750gb Hdd).
    – Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230

    Any suggestions? I really want to give Windows 8 a chance here to work for me!


  8. That’s great that it worked. I had the same, or similar, issue with my new XPS 15 and seem to have fixed it by uninstalling Sendori. They basically rout all your web traffic through them and I thought it might have been interfering. If the drivers don’t help anyone, try uninstalling Sendori.

  9. I still have headache about my Dell. I cannot solve my wifi problem… It is a sickness and has now solution there… I already have a newest driver, and I cannot install the oldest, and the wifi is not working well… I bought this machine 2 month ago… I dont understand why the DELL can shell this product with the wrong part, and why they cannot make a right driver…

    thanx DELL for the nothing… I already spent more than 1200 pounds for my headache and full of angry two months. hopefully you happy now!


  10. I am trying to follow this solution, which sounds great. So I have downloaded the latest driver, which is Wireless_15.3.1_Ds64.exe and it sits as a setupgo file in the downloads folder. When I try to launch it, I go through the user control check box, but it doesn’t actually launch. I am am running it as an administrator. I wondered about uninstalling the other driver first but am anxious, in case then I will have no wireless access at all! Any suggestions, I would be SOOOOOO GRATEFUL

  11. Downloaded the new driver as well and it worked for me too! Thrilled, especially since I have a conference tomorrow and must have wireless access! THANKS!!!

  12. Excellent. Does anyone has used this computer with linux?
    Personally windows is too bad. So just use Linux as the operating system and I want to know if anyone has used this computer with this operating system and how works the wireless.

  13. The link doesn’t work and the driver is now 15.6. But don’t get too excited. This did not solve my problem. My phone gets 8mbps right next to my laptop getting <2bps on the same wireless network. I have the 6230 and think the netork card is the problem as I have also updated my Dell network drivers for Centrino with no success. Will report back when card is replaced.

  14. Hi i have same problem with my XPS 14 using the Intel Centrino Advance N6235. I had dell to replace a different card in case of hardware fault but it’s still the same. My old laptop next to it get to like 18 Mbps while it only have like 4 Mbps. I try install the driver 15.6 from intel didn’t solve it. The driver you link has been deleted i think. I keep contacting dell and hope for a better fix.

  15. Just wanted to say you are a bloody genius!! My internet connection had been atrocious but testing the connection on other pc’s and they were all great speed compared to mine! Followed your instructions and so far it’s seems to have fixed the issue! Getting double the speed I was getting pre installing this! Thank you very much for putting this solution out there!

  16. no drivers are going to fix the xps 14 wifi issue, i’ve installed them all and still no joy.. windows 8 64 bit? – yep……it’s an antennae problem i reckon, if people are swapping hardware and still getting the same problem it sort of leans that way i think…

  17. Hey. I’m about to buy the Dell XPS 15( core i5 win8 500gb hdd , hope you got the model im referring to). But im disappointed with the wifi issues every one has had with this model. Kindly guide me whether or not I should buy it. Does the above mentioned driver download link actually solve the problem incase even my laptop comes with this defect ?

  18. Well, I tried downloading several different versions of this driver direct from Dell. None of them worked. I discovered that if the WLAN card was installed when I tried to use my wireless dongle, neither would work. Disable or uninstall the Centrino 1030, and my wireless dongle came to life.

    Cant believe Dell haven’t fixed this yet. I replaced the WLAN card with an old Dell/Broadcom card from a 5 year old Dell I had lying around, installed the driver, and it works PERFECTLY….

    I cant believe that Dell haven’t owned up to this giant blunder. The answer is to simply replace the WLAN card. I installed an old Dell/Broadcom WLAN card from a 3 year old PC, installed the drivers using the automatic search and install

  19. Thanks for posting this! I had to fish the right driver as it’s been updated on the Intel page you link to, and after installing, the issue went away. Not exactly the same issue; namely, the link would connect with a “Limited access” message and would connect and disconnect every few minutes. So far it seems stable after months of dealing with this. Thanks again.

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